save the planet

Every time you support a store like Twinkle Rock, you are doing your part in saving the planet!

How? What usually comes to mind first is environmental responsibility.  Everybody knows recycling is important, but did you realize it’s not limited to newspaper and cans?   When you consign clothing, toys, books and furniture it reduces the demand for new production of these items which in turn reduces pollution, forest devastation, textile waste and landfill overflow.

As a consignor, consigning your quality items plays a huge part in contributing to your community.  How?  Well, economic times are harsh and many families need a hand UP.  Brick and mortar consignment shops like Twinkle Rock provide a clean, organized and welcoming environment where families from all walks of life can shop year-round.  Our carefully chosen merchandise encompasses all budgets to ensure that all children in our community have the opportunity to enjoy stylish clothing and current toys.

You are also supporting local small business when you shop and consign at stores like Twinkle Rock Kids Consignment.   By adding value to our local economy, you support your neighbor – a real person, and strengthen partnership amongst neighbors and residents.  You also strengthen the character of our community!

And while you are doing all this do-gooding at our fabulous little store you are saving money, if you are a shopper and earning money, if you are consignor – or doing both!

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